Five Things to Know About Low-Pressure House Washing in York

With summer approaching in Pennsylvania, home-owners often ask for quick tips and tricks to help make their homes ready for the summer and all of the gatherings, events, and fun times that come with it. One of the easiest things you can do to have your home looking sparkling clean is to have it soft washed. Besides just the boost in curb-appeal that comes with having a freshly cleaned home, there are many benefits that a soft washing offers. We at Mummert Home Services would like to give you five things you ought to know before booking your appointment:

  1. Soft washing your home is an investment for the future. When done right, proper washing of your home can actually help maintain it and protect it against damage from sitting dirt and rot, preventing other issues later down the road. It also removes mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria, which, in addition to being potentially damaging, can also cause harm to your health or the health of your loved ones.
  2. Soft washing is an eco friendly alternative to hosing down your home. Not only does it look better when complete, but it also utilizes a much more water-efficient process than hosing does. (Which saves the environment, and the hard-earned cash you spend on a water bill.) Professionals (such as Mummert Home Services in York) often use biodegradable solutions.
  3. Soft washing your home will not damage it. One common faux pas of both well-meaning homeowners and some professional alike is that they pressure wash homes in an attempt to get the benefits offered by soft washing. As can be deduced by the name, soft washing is far kinder and uses far less pressure than pressure washing does. Pressure washing your home can chip away at paint or damage your roof. It can even forcefully embed bacteria and algae deeper in the structure of your home when attempting to clear it. It’s just too strong.
  4. Soft washing is non-invasive and can be used on many types of surfaces without fear of damage. We recommend soft washing your stucco, siding, roofing of any type, outside decks and patios, fences, and concrete. You can also get creative! Soft-washing can be a great option for playground equipment, gutters, or sheds. If you have questions, call a professional today.
  5. Soft washing can save you money in energy savings. Over time, the unfortunate and inevitable fact about roofs and siding is that they collect dirt. Without being cleaned, you home can get dingy and darken significantly in color, causing sunlight to be more attracted to your home. Your home will heat up. Excess heat can accumulate in your attic. Your air conditioning costs can be reduced by keeping your home clean.

Soft Washing your home is a great way to spruce it up for the summer and maintain it with the long-term, big picture in mind… all without causing damage. We call that a win/win! For questions about soft washing, or to book your appointment, call Mummert Home Services today! Our professional team is top-rated and would be happy to help you out.