Professional Carpet Cleaning, Exceptional Results

Whether you are preparing for a big event, moving out in or out of a rental, or simply want a routine carpet cleaning, Mummert Home Services has got you covered. Our professional team is genuinely committed to providing the best carpet cleaning services in the industry and in the area.

Routine Carpet Maintenance

Make your carpets look better and last longer by scheduling routine carpet cleaning every 6 months to a year. Our team is happy to pre-schedule your carpet cleaning so that your carpets stay healthy and fresh longer!

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High-Quality Service for a Healthier Home

When your carpets get dirty, they quickly become dull and faded, taking away the feeling of a clean, healthy environment. But professional carpet cleaning by Mummert Home Services can get them looking fresh and clean in no time! We use advanced and safe equipment as well as industry-best cleaning methods and products to make sure your carpets look and feel better than they ever have.

It doesn’t matter if it is regular dirt and debris forced deep into the fibers of your carpet or harder to get rid of stains from spilled food or liquid, we will be able to safely extract the elements from the fibers and allow your carpets to breathe again.

Pre And Post Carpet Care

Before your scheduled carpet cleaning:

Remove knick-knacks and small objects from heavier furniture like tables that our crew will move. Remove any smaller objects on the floor of the areas we will be cleaning. Please make sure pets and children are away from all cleaning equipment and areas that will be cleaned.

After we leave:

Do not remove foam blocks or plastic tabs from furniture until the carpets are dry. 24 hours is usually an adequate amount of time. Stay off carpets for 2-4 hours; this includes pets and children.

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Choose Professional Service for Great Results

Some people think that they can clean their carpets using portable cleaning machines, but this can be a risky choice. Those machines simply don’t have the high heat and extraction power to effectively clean your carpets. You could be left with sticky residues that will only make your carpets get dirty faster.

When you choose Mummert Home Services, you will get high powered extraction to ensure your carpets are fully rinsed, free of residue, and will dry quickly. Routine carpet cleaning can help keep your carpets looking and feeling their best while expanding their lifespan and saving you money in the long run!

If you are in need of a professional carpet cleaning company, choose Mummert Home Services! We pride ourselves in high-quality cleaning as well as providing the best customer experience to each of our clients. That service starts with a phone call – so pick up your phone and call our specialists for a free estimate!

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